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S&S Commercial Environmental Services, Inc. (S&S) provides Phase I Environmental Services in California, Arizona and Nevada in a timely, conscientious and cost efficient manner. S&S also provides Transaction Screen Site Assessments.


We have been in business since 1996, have performed over 6,000 site assessments and continually update our Phase I Report to meet the current ASTM Standard ( 1527-13).  ASTM 2600-15 Vapor Encroachment Screening


We maintain $1,000,000 Errors and Omissions Insurance and a $2,000,0000 Liabilty Blanket.


Phase II Site Characterizations

Phase III Remediation & Regulatory Closure.


S&S attempts to accurately determine the real nature of each real estate transaction.  This includes Buyer or Seller potential environmental liabilities currently and according to upcoming regulation. 


S&S strives to provide a timely, accurate and inclusive report which includes a historical narrative written by researching sanborn fire insurance maps, historical telephone directories, building permits, historical aerial photographs, onsite investigation, and a review of a commercial database containing all required ASTM reports in addition to historical dry cleaners, printers, and gas stations.


Our clients include many of the larger Banks, SBA Preferred Lenders, Lending Institutions, Investors, Property Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Commercial Real Estate Brokerages, Contractors, Hospitals and Commercial/Industrial Property Owners.


S&S has been approved by more than 150 Banks and Lending Institutions and has established a network of more than 600 Commercial Real Estate Brokers in California. We have found that our relationship with the brokerage community, Banks and Lending Institutions allows us a unique opportunity to provide a beneficiary referral service when applicable.


S&S Commercial Environmental Services, INC. is a company created specifically to provide for the complex environmental needs of today’s Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Market, SBA transactions, and HUD refinance and new transactions.


More than 40 years of combined experience between the principals and associates of S&S working in the environmental and real estate fields enables us to provide these services in a less complicated manner, more efficiently at a more economical cost than a conventional environmental service company.

Most Banks and Lending institutions have specific environmental requirements depending on their risk management programs.  S&S can provide these requirements and in many cases has been involved in helping to create or fine tune Risk Management Programs for Banks, Lending Institutions and other entities.  Programs that fit specific needs, are adherent with updated ASTM Standards and work in the real world.



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 714.337.4323 or fill out the following form.


Thank You for Your Business!




Cell: 714.337.4323

Tel: 949.650.4994

Fax: 909.498.0302


16725 Birchwood Ln

Fontana, CA 92336


9930 Santa Monica Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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