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S&S Commercial Environmental Services, Inc. was established in 1996 to provide the EPA recommended "All Appropriate Inquiry" using best available resources without embellishing the facts and interfering with the real estate transaction.


Our work products are performed by an Environmental Professional in accordance with CFR Title 40 Section 312.22 using ASTM 1527 - 21, ASTM 2600 - 22, EPA 2006 All Appropriate Inquiry, SBA October 1, 2021 requirements and Cal EPA-Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) guidelines.


Phase I Environmental Level One Services / Transaction Screen Pre-Screen Services


Level One


A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment provides a narrative and visual description of the historical and current uses of subject property and the surrounding land uses to meet the Due Diligence Requirements of CERCLA.


Phase I Environmental Site Assessment uses any combination of historical documents from Fire Insurance Maps to Cross Streets Directories, Historical Aerial Photographs, Topographic Maps, Building Permits, Fire Department and Local Agency Reviews and a Regulated Site Listing to determine the history of the property and surrounding properties.  This is known as "all appropriate inquiry"


Phase I Report includes a site inspection and record review to determine what chemicals, hazardous materials, underground or above ground tanks or vessels may currently be on and surrounding the site and whether they are a long term concern for contamination of the subject property.




Transaction Screen is a narrative and pictorial report for the more modern non-hazardous property constructed on formally vacant undeveloped after 1985.  The land uses are generally publically available after that date.


A Transaction Screening involves the use of current commercially available listing of Federal, State and Local Agency listings for properties along with a review of a Topographic Map, Fire Department Files as appropriate and a current photo of the property.


There is also a basic site inspection and record review as needed to determine uses on and around the subject property.


No Phase II work is ever recommended without reasonable effective inquiry.




  • ASTM 1527 - 21

  • (CERCLA) Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980  -

  • 2013 definition of "release" now includes vapor

  • 2006 EPA "All Appropriate Inquiries" Rule

  • SBA October 1, 2021 Guidelines

  • ASTM 1527-13 - December 2013 - Phase I Site Assessments must reference Vapor

  • HUD-4128 - “Environmental Assessment and Compliance"

  • HUD Assessment Tools for Environmental Compliance (ATEC) 2016

  • Vapor Encroachment Screen (VES) - Tier 1 (VI) ASTM E 2600-22, Section 8

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